Irrigation Gaskets

Irrigation Gaskets

Bruckman Rubber Co. is one of the largest suppliers of irrigation pipe gaskets in the world. Rubber gaskets, pipe gaskets and flange gaskets have been part of our business since 1961. We stock most sizes and styles. Currently, our irrigation gaskets are available only through dealers and distributors. We manufacture over 30 different types of irrigation pipe gaskets. We produce for steel, aluminum and PVC irrigation pipe and for center pivot irrigation systems. We also supply gaskets for other applications.

We offer the 8" Waterman's Surge Valve Style Replacement.  Our replacements are slightly larger for better sealing, softer for better flexibility and thicker for greater longevity.  We also sotck the Controller Style Gasket, and O-Rings for 8" pipe. 

We can custom manufacture gaskets for your specific application. If you would like to become a dealer or to discuss your irrigation supply needs, please contact us.

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