About Us

Mid-Century Beginnings


Charles “Chuck” Bruckman started working for a company, Midwest Molding, as an engineer.


Chuck left Midwest Molding and started Bruckman Rubber Co. “If those guys at Midwest Molding could make a living, then I could do very well on my own if ran properly.” Bill Woods became the first employee. All presses were leased from Kerrco.


In early 1962, Bruckman Rubber Co. began leasing space in the Kerrco building. By the middle of 1962, Bruckman Rubber Co. moved to its current location at 101 South St Joseph Ave, Hastings, NE.


Much to the benefit of Bruckman Rubber Co., Midwest Molding went out of business. This allowed the transfer of equipment and many customers.

Recent Years

Since then, Bruckman Rubber Co. has continued to grow, expanding into three surrounding buildings to keep up with its manufacturing demands. We supply rubber parts to all corners of the United States and across the globe.


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