Bruckman Rubber Co. has molded custom rubber parts since 1961.

We continue to gain new business and maintain lasting relationships with our customers, thanks in part to our innovative molding processes.

Custom Molded Rubber Features:

Electrically Heated Platens

Our platens are electrically heated for better control over the molding process. Unlike steam- or oil-heated techniques, electrically heated platens provide better flexibility for curing various formulas.


All of our molding machines have T-slots for physically mounting tools into our presses. This minimizes tool degradation due to repeated use, and it allows for consistent heating of the tool for more efficient part production and enhanced product integrity.

Hydraulic Pumps

Each of our molding machines has its own hydraulic pump which allows the speed and pressure to be individually controlled for optimum results.

Determining the Right Molding

There are three main types of rubber molding, each with its own specific advantages and disadvantages. Our team of engineers will help you to determine which is best for your project.

Compression Molding

Bruckman Rubber Co. has 28 compression presses with platen sizes ranging from 12” square up to 36” square and the ability to apply pressure up to 550T. Compression… [ More about Compression Molding ]

Injection Molding

Bruckman Rubber Co. uses 15 injection presses capable of applying pressure up to 200T. The platen sizes for these presses run from 14” square to 20” x… [ More about Injection Molding ]

Transfer Molding

Bruckman Rubber Co. has two transfer presses, each capable of applying 150T of pressure on platens 20” square. We also use a wide array of transfer molds… [ More about Transfer Molding ]