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Our Weedseal® products help commercial and residential landscapers keep their lawns and gardens trim and weed-free with less effort and chemical usage. These products can be used around fences, sign and utility poles, garden beds, walkways, and other areas where considerable time is spent controlling weeds.

Weedseal® comes in a variety of sizes and shapes, including:

  • Round sheets for use around fire hydrants, signposts, and utility poles. Outside diameters are available in increments of 12” to 32”, with inside diameters cut to your specific dimensions.
  • Square sheets for use around any post style or shape. Square measurements are available increments of 4” to 15”.
  • By-the-foot rolls for use along fence lines, walkways, and garden beds. Widths are available in increments of 4” to 36”.

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Circular Weedseal®

Spend less time and money on yard work, and more time enjoying the yard. Circular Weedseal® is designed to eliminate secondary trimming operations. Manufactured… [ More about Circular Weedseal® ]

Weedseal® Fence & Border Guard

Enjoy years of freedom from trimming and maintenance.  Weedseal® Fence and Border Guard is a durable rubber strip that lies beneath fencing or along objects… [ More about Weedseal® Fence & Border Guard ]

Current Installations

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Installing Weedseal®

Installing Weedseal® is practically effortless. No stakes, pins or tied down straps necessary! Circular Weedseal® Installation Circular Weedseal® can… [ More about Installing Weedseal® ]

Weedseal® Pricing

Check out our Weedseal® price sheet, then call our office today to discuss how Weedseal® can help you! [ More about Weedseal® Pricing ]