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Installing Weedseal®

Installing Weedseal® is practically effortless. No stakes, pins or tied down straps necessary!

Circular Weedseal® Installation

Circular Weedseal® can be ordered with numerous diameters, with the “Slit-Lock” option, and in either round or square openings. For your convenience, Circular Weedseal® is die cut at the factory for fast and easy installation.

Basic Installation

  1. Place Circular Weedseal® around the object.
  2. Align the “Slit-Lock”.
  3. Push down firmly on the “Slit-Lock” to lock the Circular Weedseal® into place.

Fence and Border Guard Installation

One or two people can quickly and easily install Fence and Border Guard, without special tools, stakes, pins or tie down straps.

Bulk Installation

  1. Measure distance between fence panels.
  2. Cut bulk Weedseal® material to length.
  3. Follow Precut instructions 1-5 below.

Precut Installation

  1. Place the precut post protectors around the fence posts.
  2. Place the “Slit-Lock” parallel with the fence.
  3. Press the “Slit-Lock” together to secure.
  4. Place precut Weedseal® strips between fence posts.
  5. Relax and enjoy the benefits of the Weedseal® Fence and Border Guard.



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