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Success Story: Unmatched Service

Customer Service, Vertical Integration Make Bruckman Stand Out

Dealing with multiple vendors, low-quality suppliers and overseas operations can cost your company time and money while delivering inferior results.

Let Bruckman handle it!

Bruckman Rubber is uniquely qualified to partner with you from start to finish — providing the superior customer service that makes your business grow.

“When we get a job, it’s a pure partnership,” said Travis Turek, Bruckman Rubber president. “We want to go from the ground up with them so we’re not overengineering some parts or not under-engineering. We get them exactly what they need.

“We want to take it back to the problem statement and say, ‘OK, what is this issue going on with it, and how can we fix it?’ Then we build that back up with some of the tools we use to problem solve those things and get them the best product out there.”

Bruckman Can Make Raw Material to Finished Product

“Whether that’s to make the parts, whether that’s to assemble the parts, whether that’s to make the raw material for the parts, we do that,” Turek said. “We custom mix right across our alleyway in a separate building. We bring it over, and then we mold it.

“That makes us very unique, when you start looking at different companies our size, to have that full control all the way from the beginning of the raw material to the actual molding to the actual sending out to the customers.”

Bruckman also makes its own tooling.

“We’re able to make that tooling exactly what we need,” Turek said. “We can run across the street, make a tweak to a tool, have it back over there within two or three hours, and we’re running again.”

The quality that sets Bruckman apart begins with its outstanding team.

“It’s the longevity of the people here, the focus that people do have and the passion they feel with the product and product development,” Turek said. “We always want to take care of the customer. Quality becomes the No. 1 priority for us.

“After that, it’s cost reductions. How can we make it better for the customer?” he said. “Obviously, everyone’s looking for a lower cost.”

Overseas Operations Just Can’t Compare

That search for lower cost once drove production overseas, but thanks to U.S. tariffs, much of that work is coming back to companies like Bruckman.

“We’ve had a ton of customers coming back asking to re-quote. They want to stop bringing it over from China,” Turek said. “Now we can offer better delivery, we can offer better quality, as well as, basically, the same price.”

Great customer service means taking the time to learn what you really need and delivering solutions that will help your company grow. If you’re looking for a manufacturer that can partner with you from the ground up, look no further.

Let Bruckman handle it! Contact us today to discuss your needs.