Bruckman Rubber Co. specializes in de-flashing & finishing rubber parts.


Flash is a thin layer of material that flows outside of the cavity where two halves of a mold meet. In many cases, we’re able to avoid the formation of flash entirely. When extra care is needed, we have the right machines to ensure the most efficient de-flashing process.

Our 15 tumblers include:

  • 1 liquid nitrogen tumbler
  • 3 cryogenic shot blaster tumblers
  • 9 octagonal de-flashing machines

Post cure

When a part is removed from the mold at the press, it is rarely fully cured. This is because residual heat finishes the curing process outside of the press. There are times when additional time in a post-cure environment is necessary to speed up the curing process and to help maximize the material’s physical properties, such as tensile strength, flexural strength, and heat distortion temperature.

At Bruckman Rubber Co., we have 3 post curing ovens to make sure your parts are delivered on time and exactly how you want them.